Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm so happy with this.

It's tattoo #6 and maybe my most favorite of all.

It says "Life, love, laugh and be happy!!!"

My sister Linda wrote these words to me 3 months before she died, and now I have them in her writing with me forever.

And to those who asked, no I am not single again. Michael and I are doing well. We have our ups and downs and some days he drives me crazy. But at the end of the day there is nobody else I'd rather be with.

Here's another shot of my tat:

I was shocked that it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I expected to. Only the swirl on my ankle bone made me say a few cuss words, otherwise it was a breeze.

I love it.

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Simone said...

That's cute! Your sister's words will always be close to you.

Helen said...

I love the sentiment ... plus you have really pretty feet.

Venom said...

I'm confused by the photos - which foot is it on?
Love it though, especially for it's deeper meaning.

Deb Menard said...

Well you already know I love the tatt.
But more importantly, anyone giving you a hard time for not posting often should realize that you posted this with your iPhone. That's time consuming dedication right there my friends. And also may be why it takes her so long to post in between times. ;)