Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So it's almost Halloween again!

See, when you get married on Halloween, you get to have an "anniverscary" (see what I did there?) every year.

And this year, we have friends throwing us a party!

 OK maybe that's not exactly the truth...they do have a Halloween party every year...but this year they are billing it a Halloween/Anniverscary party so in a way, it counts!!!

We are going as a zombie bride and groom. Go figure. The good news is that I finally get to "trash the dress".  And by dress, I mean the one I wore at my first wedding.  You know, the event forever known as The Biggest Mistake Of My Life.  (Thank God I learn from my mistakes!!!)

I've held on to the dress for 12 years, always wanting to do something with it but not sure what.  At one point I looked into sending it to one of those amazing women who make baby gowns for infants who have passed away in hospitals, but they were overwhelmed with them at the time and so I continued holding on to it.

It hangs outside in my back yard garage in a white bag, in the corner....looking like a ghost.

Appropriate, I think.  That marriage has been long dead and buried.

So yeah, the dress.  It's getting sliced up and bloodied and dirtied and stained and zombied and I can't wait!  It's going to be so fun to do!  I'll post pictures after the party.

It will be bootiful.



Coffeypot said...

Our anniversary is Dec. 31st. Each year we enjoy several million of my closest friends celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Can you blog about what its like to be fat, fifty, ugly and still being a virgin, cos i can't see anyone wanting to f**k you.

Julie D said...

Oh "Anonymous", way to hide behind your computer and be rude and obnoxious for no reason. Personally I find your comment hilarious which is why I allowed it on my blog.

Bless your heart. That 4th divorce must really have taken it's toll!