Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year, friends!

I can't believe yet another year has flown by.  Where does the time go?  It seems like it took forever to plan our wedding (15 months from the time we got engaged until the big day) and now we've been married two months already.  Crazy!

In case you didn't notice, I updated my blog layout.  After 6+ years at I thought it was time to give the old girl a face lift.  After all, we're in our 50's now!  I originally had a puzzle theme all these years, as when I started my blog I was getting over a divorce and felt like I was missing a piece to the puzzle of my know, a sane, normal, functional piece...not that batshit crazy ass cheater I originally tried to fit into the picture.    
:::: snarky grin:::::

But then 4 years ago my missing piece returned.  And two months ago I married him.  <3

So now my blog reflects a new era in my life.  The wine drinking era, it seems.  LOL  The picture of me on the wine bottle is from the wedding.  It was my last drink of the night, and I was really happy.  What can I say?  I truly believe life is much better if you can go through it with a little buzz.

OK maybe it's just work that is better that way.  Sigh.

Here's to a great 2015 for us all.  What are your goals for the year?

XOXO to all.  Oh, and no blog post is complete without a picture of my baby love.


Helen said...

Happy New Year ~~~ your new blog design is spectacular, Julie!

Julie D said...

Thanks, Helen! Happy New Year!

LV said...

Sorry I am so late dropping by but things get gotta hectic at times and I do not function well. So glad when I hear from you. Sounds like you are as crazy as ever, but loving life. I really like your new blog. I had a card from Danica and sounds like she is till happy. I wish you and fellow the best for the New Year. Please stop by again.