Thursday, June 12, 2014

141 Days....but who's counting?

Boy, time flies when you're planning a wedding!

I haven't done a blog post since last October when we brought our delicious baby Tolinka home to live with us. She's spoiled beyond belief, and loved without excepetion. She's a momma's girl big time, but she loves her daddy too. To say we treat her as our baby is an understatement. She and Mora (my granddog as you remember) are best friends, and love to play together.

So the wedding is officially 141 days away. How did that happen?? When I started that count to the right, there were 500+ days! Everything is set, all the plans in motion. Now it's just a waiting game, really. We're having a Hallowedding...getting married on 10/31 at what will be a big ass costume party with vows! Michael and I are dressing as a Steampunk Bride & Groom, and my dress will be purple.

While I doubt I have many readers left, know that I think of you all often, and am grateful for the friends I made as a blogger. (Some of which are coming to the wedding!!!) I'll be back in November with a recap of the wedding!