Monday, April 16, 2012

The carpet doesn't match the drapes.

I got new carpet this weekend. I could not be happier.

The old stuff was ruined by two little 6 lb dogs that pee all over it. I could never understand WHY they did that...they never did at the old house, but yet they used my living room like it was their own personal backyard.

The carpet installer found a spot on the floor that had cat urine all over it. WTF?

I have never had a cat. I will never have a cat. But evidently the owners before me did, and it pissed all over the carpet in one corner...thus leading MY dogs to mark their territory.

And you know dogs, once that happened, it was all over.

So we cleaned and bleached the floor and replaced all the carpet strip so that there is no smell left anywhere.

And I dare those little fuckers to pee in my living room again.

If they do, I'll have two very small Yorkie fur rugs in the future.

(Oh, and it's been 48 hours with no accidents. I think they fear for their lives. And they should!)


Mellodee said...

Ummm, good luck with keeping the dogs from messing up this carpet too. If your dogs are like mine, you can never actually CATCH them at it! So they never get the idea that it greatly displeases their human!! lol!

Gaston Studio said...

Yeewwwwh! Hope all the odors from the cat urine came up, if not, try vinegar and water, half and half, next time. Those two old English broads on TV says that's the only thing that will truly remove cat urine.

pilgrimchick said...

The cat pee issue is a problem I regularly deal with. I am sure that when I replace carpet, I'll find many missed marking spots.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Very nice!

Beau's Mom said...

uh....I doubt if the carpet ever DID match the drapes. Lookin' good darlin!!