Thursday, February 23, 2012

Does your man drive you crazy?

Seriously. Does your man drive you crazy?

Because mine does.

Batshit crazy some days.

And I know I'm not alone in this! My two BFF's have the same issue with their husbands. These men do idiotic shit and just don't THINK.

They don't think about what they are doing.

Or what they are saying.

They don't think rationally, or logically.

They don't listen.

They don't see past whatever is right in front of them, and see big picture.

And it drives me up a wall.

Let me give you a recent example.

For 4 days prior to getting my foot tattoo, I told my guy that A) I was getting a tattoo on my foot, and B) Because it's on my foot, I will not be able to put a tennis shoe (or any other shoe for that matter other than a ballet flat) on for a week. Therefore, I will not be going to the gym to walk on the treadmill until it heals a week from now.

We discussed this the morning of the tattoo appointment even.

So literally, as I'm getting the frickin tattoo, he calls me to see what I'm doing and I'm like....'Getting my tattoo....' and he says....wait for it...

"Are we going to the gym when you get home?"

No. No, we aren't.

This is just one of many examples I could give you. It drives me crazy.

What is it about men that make them this way? Is it age? Is their testosterone dropping so rapidly that not only does the little head stop being attentive but the big one does as well? Are they going deaf? Developing dementia? Have the years of partying in their 20's finally caught up with their brain cells?

Listen, I am not the smartest cookie in the jar. I'm intelligent, but I'm not getting invited to join Mensa anytime soon. But there are times that I look at him and I'm like...blink blink...because even my brain can't fathom what the hell he's thinking!

Do you have this problem with your man? If so, how have you not suffocated him with a pillow yet?


Mellodee said...

Oh yes!! Absolutely! My guy is still breathing, but that pilow thing been a serious temptation.

Anonymous said...

Is he maybe hard of hearing and too embarassed to admit it? I know I've told my hubby things like "you're mom and dad are coming for dinner sunday" and when sunday rolls around this comes to a complete surpise to him. He insists I did not tell him but I know I did. I also believe that men think all things women yatter at them is not worth taking stock of so they just nod in agreement without registering a word. At least that's my experience.

I'm thinking of getting a white board and making him initial it each time he needs to take note.

BC Angel

Julie said...

Angel, I LOVE THAT IDEA! I may have to do that myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

remind me why I am still single and loving it????


good luck!! and yes, put everything in writing and have him sign his name!! or add the word sex to everything and maybe he will remember it then!!

Jill from NY

Mandy B said...

Totally. But I have to cut him some slack. He comes home from work everyday, having juggled 30 or so balls (staffing decisions, software upgrades, contracts, pricing, and all of the other myriad details in running a small business) and by the time we get around to talking about our home life, I'm pretty sure I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher!

Note to self: order whiteboard today :)

Anonymous said...

your cracking me up, married for 15 years, he can't hear me talk, and he can't listen. It is like I dont' exist, well except in one room in the house. Good luck changing this. Mary in NY

Tana said...

I have the message board...on the door of the fridge!!!! On the side that you open all the time !!! And at HIS eye leval !!! Does that work ??? Sometimes... LOL And since I go to sleep before he does, I can't use the pillow idea... Gotta love em anyway...LOL

Sue said...

It's because he's not really paying attention when you talk. If it's really important, have him repeat it back to you after you say it!

I have to admit to being guilty of this myself. I find myself only half listening to what people are saying most of the time, hubby included, and he knows it.