Thursday, October 20, 2011

I keep thinking....I should post *something*.....

....and yet I never do.

Blogging was so much easier a few years ago when I had nothing else going on in my life! LOL

These days, work keeps me very busy, and my evenings and weekends are spent with Michael and writing blogs is the last thing on my mind.

It was great therapy when I needed therapy...but now, I just never make time to do it.

Things are really pretty status quo with us right now. I waffle back and forth between thinking I want to get married again, versus "Why fix what ain't broken?". We don't live together, we still maintain two different homes, but he's over at my house every night, and all in a lot of ways it feels like we're married. But then I also still have time to myself on those nights where he has to work late so he doesn't come over at all...and I gotta be honest, I enjoy those moments too. And if we moved in together, I wouldn't have that time to myself.

And sometimes, a girl just needs to be able to come home, put on some sweats, eat a bowl of cereal and read People magazine and watch bad reality TV. You know?

We've had to make some dietary & lifestyle changes recently due to some health concerns, so we are officially vegans for now. Sigh. (Dr. no further...skip this next paragraph please!) Am I happy about it? Yeah, not so much. I miss meat. I miss cheese! LOL And holy shit, I miss caffeine. We've had to give up everything that was bad for us! I haven't had anything but water pass through my lips for three weeks. (Okay I lied, we went to a party last weekend and I had two cocktails. I can't give up EVERYTHING or you might as well just shoot me now!)

We've gotten used to the dietary changes, I guess. I'm learning to embrace beans and rice and salads and veggies and fruit. I'm getting creative and having to plan every meal and cook every night, and frankly between you and me it's a big fucking sacrifice to make for love. I just hope he appreciates it!

But of course the benefits of eating a clean diet help me too, and God knows I haven't taken care of myself in 50 years so ultimately I will be very happy about this, I have no doubt. Right now I'm still just kind of pissed off about it, LOL.

It would help if I'd lose some weight in the process. You'd think not eating meat and dairy would make you lose weight, right? Not me!!!!!!!!!! Michael is losing....not me!!!!!!!!!!!

OK change in thought...I'm feeling pretty negative today and that's no way to be. So better turn it around....

I'm happy! I'm healthy! I love beans and rice and potatoes! I don't miss my old life at all!


Let's see..what else is going on? Eh, I've got nothing. Today is one of those days that my middle finger is answering every question. :)

Maybe I do need to go back to blogging. It's a great place to vent!

I'll leave you with some pictures from the 70's themed party we went to this's one of Michael and me:

...and then one of me and Danica :

This is me, Steph, and LW...Danica's husband!

And this is some of the girls....Stacy, me, Steph, Danica and Crystal.