Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How can this kid be 21 already?

I swear, it was just a couple of years ago he looked like this.


Time flies when you're having spawn.

To my son on his 21st birthday....know that you are loved beyond words, that your Mom is more proud of you than anything she has ever done in her life, and that my wish for you is to one day be 85 years old, surrounded by your wife and your children and your grandchildren (and maybe even some great grandkids), and know that this year, 2011, when you were 21....was the start of the most amazing years of your life.

I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, bug.

Love, Mums.

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Amy said...

Your son looks like a complete sweetheart. Gorgeous guy.

(And now feeling a tad guilty for saying as I am old enough to be his mother ;)

Well done Mom and yeah, they grow up so freaking fast don't they? My son is 18 and seems like yesterday he was a wee one.

I just spent my evening reading of your dating adventures. Oy!!

Just found your blog recently and now wondering how things turned out... You are a great writer, very engaging and fun.