Friday, September 16, 2011

Really? 6 Days Til Vegas?

(I use that picture a lot on my blog, don't I? For good reason...a lot of crap sneaks up on me and suddenly I'm like "Holy shit!". So it's appropriate.)

Yeah six days til Vegas. I kept thinking it was still a couple of weeks away. But no...this time next week I'll be waking up at Aria with my honey, and enjoying Day Two of our trip.

Lots of stuff going on in my life right now, none of which involves me directly but 100% affects me. Stressful, yes. Manageable, yes. Expensive...yes.


Oh yeah, and I have a bad wing.

About a month ago my right elbow started hurting. Some random shit that I wrote off to either bumping it and not realizing it (you know how you can whack your funny bone and it makes your whole arm hurt?) or maybe sleeping wrong or something. If you know me, you know I'm accident prone, and have had injuries such as popping my kneecap out of place while sleeping, or almost breaking my back bowling. Yeah, I'm that much of a wreck.

Anyway, so the elbow never got better, in fact kept getting worse, to the point it was shooting pains up into my shoulder and down into my wrist, and I was losing the ability to grip things.

This is not good. I drink coffee with my right hand, people

So I finally went to the doctor and he diagnosed a bad case of tennis elbow. This is where we insert a big ass WHAT THE FUCK??????? I've never played tennis in my life. I rarely play Wii tennis or anything else! The only repetitive movement I do with that arm is....using a mouse on the computer.

Any ideas how I'm not going to do that, long enough to allow this to heal??? Go ahead, I'll wait while you come up with suggestions.

Oh yeah and I can't take anti-inflammatories because they wreck my stomach. I am wearing a tennis elbow splint which is pretty much just a black band around my arm below the elbow that supposedly keeps the tendon in place and helps it heal. Doesn't seem to be doing much, frankly. I'd already been icing it regularly, and doing some stretching/physical therapy exercises I found online, but so far none of these tings are helping.

Then yesterday the doctor calls and says "Oh hey, yeah there's something showing up on your X-ray so you're gonna need to go see an orthopedist."


Not before Vegas I'm not.

So my bad arm that hurts like a mo-fo daily, combined with crap going on with my honey and my kid, and an abundance of stress at work....has me really, really, really needing this upcoming trip away.

Oh and before you ask....I don't *think* we're getting married in Vegas. Never say never, I guess. We could be walking by some chapel and decide to do it....but at this particular moment in time there are no plans.

If that changes, I have already promised my friends I would make sure it's at a place that has a webcam so ya'll can watch. Doesn't that just brighten your day? Hahhahahahahhaahhahahaha

Six more days til I see Linda Lou, Dr. Penny, and Darlene (Travel Girl). My honey and Linda Lou are gonna do an open mic stand up on Sunday night. How fun will that be?

I. Can't. Wait.

Let's just hope I don't have to use my right arm for anything.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

I can't wait, either!!! I just tried to facetime you--I'll talk to you this weekend.

Beau's Mom said...

The tennis elbow strap works. Make sure it's tight enough to lose your fingers.

Go to Vegas and get married at the Chapel of Love with Elvis, and tell Vegas Lou how my email and blog got stolen, I lost the emails to all my agents, and now SHE must get my manuscript published.

If you can't remember: make notes. This trip is all about ME.

Mellodee said...

Ouch! Poor thing, you've been walking around with a possibly broken elbow for a month! I have broken my elbow (left, for me) and the darn thing really hurt. I can understand not wanting to do anything before your trip, but do think seriously about it. If the elbow doesn't heal right, it could very well affect your range of motion forevermore! Then the doc might want to re-break it and start over!! Double Ouch!!

Cher' Shots said...

OMG girl you crack me up! I love your writing, nothing like telling it like it is. Have a kick-ass time in vegas and take home more than you go with. I'll be waiting to see if your ring finger shines.
'hugs from afar'

Kelly Strei said...

My husband suffers from tendinitis in his right hand from using the mouse so much at work. He found a left handed mouse and now uses that. Gives his right hand a break. Try that!

Noofy said...

My only visit to Vegas...broke my right elbow two days before we left. I was running late one morning. In such a hurry to get out the door, missed one of the two steps out the door - down I went. Extended my right arm (yes, I'm right handed too) to brace my fall, it didn't support my body weight slamming my body down on my elbow, snap onto the pavement I went. My arm in a cast the week I was in Vegas. All the lines in Vegas? I got to sit up front and everyone let me go first..I was the poor injured soul (and those in wheelchairs). Always those who bump into my arm, sending me into a squeal "oops, I'm so sorry" they'd say. I wanted to kick them in the shin, saying the same. Worry about the arm when you get back. I had a month of physical therapy after six weeks in the cast, you move on, shit happens. Have a blast!!!

Emily said...

Heya girlie... I had the same exact pain in my left elbow/arm last fall and tried a chiropractor - it was coming from my neck area (who knew?!) and once he adjusted me once or twice, I was good as golden. Maybe give that a shot??

Dr. Penny said...

Ok, here comes the shit. Sounds like bone degeneration to me, especially the almost broke your back bowling thing. Get rid of dairy right now -- depleting, not adding calcium. And so is the damn caffeine. Do that one slowly. All your problems are age related -- in other words, enough time has passed for you to do enough damage and now the pain begins. I was there, remember. C'mon, girl, it's time and you know it is.

No wedding unless I am there to take the pics, remember????

Danica said...

As I write this you are on your way! Safe travels.

HOpe the arm doesn't give you fits!

Lilly said...

Just found you on twitter and hence your blog. Wow, great to find you happy and in love. Way to go! Look forward to hjearing about your adventures with Linda Lou!!