Thursday, May 19, 2011

I do love me a funny man.

So you may not know this, but my guy does stand up comedy sometimes. It's just a hobby, not a career, but I love watching him.

Last night we went to Cincinnati so he could be a part of the Funniest Person in Cincinnati contest. Unfortunately, he didn't move on to the next round (sonsabitches, it's a popularity contest, and Jordan and I could only scream and clap so loud!) but he did a great job as always.

Check him out. Keep in mind I videoed this with my iPhone so it's not the best quality....

Great job, babe. I'll always be your number one fan.

But stay away from my mother. :)


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Great job! Believe me, comedy is much harder to do than you could possibly imagine and it takes balls of steel.

I can see why you love him so!

Coffeypot said...

He was really funny. Bring him to Atlanta to our comedy clubs. He would be a hit.

dana said...

Your motor . . . . yeah, I heard that. I can picture your motor vibrating, back-firing and even over-heating...other than the back-firing, I think I get what he meant. Good for you!!

pilgrimchick said...

Wow--good for him. It must be a really fun hobby.

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