Monday, March 14, 2011

I had a little Irish in me this weekend....

OK I admit it, I was over served this weekend.

It was my friend Danica's annual St. Patrick's Day party. This was us when we left the house:

Yeah, we had on matching shirts. So? (insert gag factor here)

At the party, there were these amazing Gummy Bears soaked in vodka. Who knew you could make the equivalent of Jello Shots in that cute little format?

Yeah, you soak them in vodka for a week, and they kinda swell up and have the consistency of Jello.  So fun!

You can eat A LOT of these and have no idea they're affecting you until suddenly you're drunk.

I was about 20 Gummy Bears in at this point:

I was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry happy. LOL

Here's Danica and Elizabeth and me:

This one was a bottle of wine, 6 Jello Shots, and a thousand Gummy Bears later.  I stopped letting people take my photo after that. Hopefully Danica doesn't have any incriminating ones of me that I'm not aware of.

This week is going to be crazy busy, trying to get everything done at work that I need to do, plus pack for the cruise.

Six More Days. OMG.


Cher' Shots said...

Yeah, who'd a thunk it?! Love the idea and will be soaking gummies all summer! Worms would be fun too! All this fun and you're not even on the cruise yet!
'hugs from afar'

Liz said...

I'm so happy you made it to the party!!! You look fabulous and were cracking me up as always! :) I don't recall any incriminating photos or stories about you, so I think you're safe :)

My Aimless Infatuation said...

"A bottle of wine,6 jello shots and a thousand gummy bears"later and your still standing? Goooooo Julie! Well,I'm off to buy gummy bears and by the way,you look terrific!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, man! That looks like so much fun. You two are absolutely adorable! (And so are Danica and Elizabeth, of course.)

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Danica said...

I'm so glad you came out! I haven't looked at my camera yet so I'll let you know what I find. LOL

mum in meltdown said...

Never heard the Gummy Bears in vodka one!!! I shall be trying very soon on my next girly night in... should be a giggle. i just can't wait to terrorise my kids on thurday with as much 'diddly-diddly' music and a very green dinner!! Maybe Gummy Bears to follow.. just for me of course.

gayle said...

You and your man look so cute in matching shirts!!

Didn't know you and Danica lived close. Love her blog too!

dana said...

When you said you "had a little Irish" in you this weekend, I couldn't help but wonder if your little love muffin is Irish.

heh heh