Friday, February 25, 2011

This will NEVER be acceptable in my world.

I can tolerate a lot of things.


Someone needs to tell my beloved boyfriend that if he insists on wearing this type of thing on his feet, he will be doing so as a single man.

(NO, this is not a picture of him. I just found one online as an example of the horror.)

He tried this once. Oh yes he did. Snuck one by me. I was blinded by love, I tell ya.

This fall, when he had a comedy gig, I didn't realize until we got there that he had these frickin sandals on with dark socks.

Thank God he had jeans on to basically cover up his feet, but still. Had I noticed them, he'd have never left the house like that.

I. Don't. Do. Nerd.

I'm sorry, I just don't. I was married to a total computer geek but at least he had decent taste in footwear.

(That's one of the few good things I have to say about the man.)

So please, somebody warn my guy that if he insists on wearing sandals with socks, we will not be seen in public together.

And could you please warn him BEFORE we set sail to the Caribbean in 23 days? If he's okay with this look, I'm truly fearing the rest of the Cruise Couture.


Coffeypot said...

I'm old, but not that old. I would never wear socks with sandals. I only were ankle socks with sneakers and shorts and would never wear black socks except with a suit.

Menopausal New Mom said...

This cracked me up. Another thing that drives me is seeing these crazy guys wearing shorts all Winter long. Doesn't matter how cold or snowy it gets, there is always some fool downtown wearing Summer shorts.

Happy Friday!

Choms1337 said...

white socks +5 to respect :D

Mizzreviewlady said...

This is so funny! Socks with sandles are a major no no! Also birkinstock looking sandles are also a no no! Thanks for the laugh!

Mellodee said...

This kind of thing is grounds for divorce in most states and is totally unacceptable on a guy who wishes to be considered "hot".

Socks and sandals together on anyone over the age of 3 looks ridiculous. How can he knot know this??

Mellodee said...

Knot know this????? Where did that come from? Duh!

Not know this, is what I meant!

LV said...

Julie, was happy to see where you had dropped in for a visit. Nice hearing from you. I agree, socks and sandles do not go together. On the cruise, no socks and lots of times, no shoes are necessary. I hope you enjoy your cruise as much as I did when I was taking them. Just relax and have a good time. You will never see the other people on the ship again. said...

THAT look should be punishable by law!!

Deborah said...

My sixteen year old son and his friends wear socks with those slide sandals you just push your feet into. Apparently it is now trendy again instead of stale old man style. I just had to laugh when I spoke to him about it and he said that is how it is supposed to look.

Jazzy Cazy said...

Oh my goodness, cringe central! Older guys in the UK do this ALL THE TIME - it is soooo cringey!

Sort out, immediately!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Ha! I'm with you, sister. My ex (Bastard Husband) would sometimes wear socks with FLIP-FLOPS! He thought it looked European.


I am with you there...I am not a socks and sandals girl....I don't even like tennis shoes and black socks with shorts....nope...that is not acceptable in my world. Frank knows better.

Danica said...

Completely unacceptable look!

I've gone through LW's closet and removed clothing I find dreadful. I've resorted to recently picking out his casual clothes (he does FABULOUS with work clothes) but I think he stinks at it! HA