Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wake me up when September ends.

So, it's September. Thought I'd better do an update before you guys think I fell off the face of the earth.

September is notoriously weird month for me. Usually just an emotionally crazy ten days thanks to....

Got married Sept 20, 2003
Dad died Sept 18, 2004
Got divorced Sept 28, 2005

This year we can add....

Jordan goes away to college Sept 16, 2010


Oh, and we're moving our offices this month, and I'm pretty much managing the whole thing, which is so time consuming and crazy I can't even tell you.

Oh, and I'm having a going away party for Jordan next Friday, the 10th. So I have to take a day off work just to clean house and prepare for it.

Big sigh.

So here is my burst of positivity....

All is perfect, everything will get done on time and as it should, and those milestone dates will come and go just like they do every year.

Mom isn't doing too good. We had her back at the ER on Monday. Honestly, I cannot believe she is still with us. She's down to 130 lbs from 165 a couple of months ago. She hardly eats, sleeps most of the time, and is becoming more confused. She has been fighting pneumonia for three weeks and of course, the continually recurring UTI. God bless her, she just isn't ready to go I guess. She says she is, and then the next day she talks about "when I get better..." so I think she's still got one foot in both worlds, you know? It breaks my heart to see her like this, but at the same time, I can't imagine a world without my Mom in it. I don't think I ever showed you guys this (although some might have seen it on Facebook). On her birthday August 20th, I videotaped her. Here's a little snippet.

And here's a picture of me and her from that day as well:

And this one makes me laugh out loud. You know she's thinking "Seriously, a party hat? Oh Christ, I guess I'll humor you." LOL

I really am afraid that I'm going to lose her this month as well. September seems to be that way for me.

But there is a bright spot in this....

I am happily dating. He's an old boyfriend from 13 and 12 years ago (yes, we dated twice two years in a row) so let's hope third time is a charm. LOL He's really a great guy, the polar opposite of who I've spent the past 10 years with. We've been moving slow this past month because I just wasn't ready to leap back in, but he convinced me otherwise last weekend. :::wink::: I'm really happy right now, and just enjoying the day to day of having someone in my life who brings such amazingly good things to it. It's good and it's easy and it's comfortable and the best part about dating someone you've dated before is that you don't have to go through the whole "getting to know you" process so there's no awkwardness or putting on pretenses etc. It's organic and fabulous! Happy sigh.

So there's your update from me. I'll probably be out of pocket quite a bit this month, because I'm not kidding when I say that work is kicking my ass. And, of course, I'm busy with That Guy Again on the weekends. Some things take priority and these days, blogging isn't one of them!!!

Tell me what's going on in your life?


Under the Influence said...

Congrats on the good stuff and stay strong to weather the not so good stuff.

You know I'm here in Cincy if you need someone to sneak around and check on Jordan ocassionally.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Glad to hear about the happy dating! As for the rest, one day at a time is about all we can do. You have lots of people wishing the best for you.

Danica said...

WTH I have to hear that you're dating someone by logging into your blog?!! So happy for you! Lots of love.

Thinking of you though...I know this is a tough month for you. HUGS

Eliza said...

A good and bad month for you, hope your Mom is ok, I guess you'll be back when you get chance. Enjoy your new romance :-)

Gaston Studio said...

So sad about your mom Julie, but there are balances in everything and hitching up with an old beau just may be what you need right now. Good luck with all.

Amy, Woman Exploding said...

I love how your cute little mama is modeling her rockin' red manicure in one the pics!


Your mom is so cute. What an adorable lady in that precious hat. Glad to hear other things are going good. My thoughts are with you.

Nancy said...

1. Happy that you are happily part one of a happy couple and part two of the happy couple seems to be as well;
2. Be proud you have a son smart enough to go to college -- mine just received his assoc. degree and is going on to get his BA. Proud momma here.

3. My father passed three years ago from Alzheimer's -- it was a long road and at the end, I felt happy that he was finally free. I hope you feel some of that too if and when your mom crosses over. It's okay -- no one can live forever, ya know, even if we wish it so.


Jersey Girl Gets Real said...

First let me say...every blessing for you and your mom. So sorry to hear of her ill health.

September is weird here too. I used to LOVE September...first signs of fall, kids back in school, beautiful weather.

Then my Dad passed away September 7th. Funny how things change.

Helen said...

Organic and fabulous! I love those words. You will survive September, promise. One day, one hour at a time. Get plenty of sleep, try not to worry and let the Universe take care of everything.

My birthday is September 18th, does that cheer you a little?

Give your son a huge hug from this granny in Oregon!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Wow--am I glad I landed here today!

First, your mom is adorable. I know you cherish every day with her--I can see why.

I'm psyched to hear about the new/old guy in your life! Did you know that you're more likely to have a successful relationship with someone from your past than someone you've just met? I have a really good feeling about this!

Here's to all the good things that September brings, and a prayer for Mom.

Love you!

Dr. Penny said...

Only a tough month if you say it is. Dwell only in gratitude and the moment, skip the past crap cause you can't change it and it was all for good anyway. Be happy that your son is well, can and wants to go to school, loves you, and that you now have an opportunity to focus on JUST YOU. What a concept......remember, what you write here are your thoughts -- keep them where they belong because the written word is as powerful as the spoken one.

gayle said...

I am so sorry September is such a hard month for you!
Glad you've found a guy that is making you happy!!

Reyna said...

Just found your blog!

Sounds like you we may have some stuff in common-except the dating...

You go girl!

Hope to read more about you.

Bless your heart for this stage you're at in your life with your mother. Prayers sent your way.

Fragrant Liar said...

Girl, I can't imagine what all those huge things happening in September could do to you, but just remember, I was born in September (barely), so probably sending me a gift might cheer you up.

Congrats on the new/old guy. I'm happy for you.

Jordan leaving has got to be bittersweet. I feel ya, sister.

Fragrant Liar said...

P.S. I love that picture of your mom in the party hat. Enjoy all the time you get with your beautiful mama.

jaded said...

Oh Julie,

I am just so happy for you. Enjoy every moment, you really deserve – you are such a special soul. You and the new guy (who isn’t so new since you dated prior) look great together. He better treat you right!!!! I totally get you on blogging not being a priority – Ziggy takes up so much of my time and I am enjoying every moment. Being her mom is such a privilege. Life is just so beautiful for me and I just want to give back to the world for the happiness I feel – now that’s joy.

About your mom – what can I say? My grandmother is in that boat. She always talks about I want to do (fill in the blank) before I die. Except she’s been doing that for as far back as I can remember. I guess the older you get the more comfortable and accepting you are of death. I will miss my grandmother dearly when she goes (she is not like a parent she is a parent since she co-raised me), but I am ‘ok’ (in the best sense of the word) with her leaving when her time finally comes.