Monday, August 16, 2010

Finish the sentence. I dare you....

OK, I'll play.

Hi, my name is: Julie...Jules...Anastasia Beaverhausen...Helena Handbasket...Regis...Mom...Jewelry....depends on who's talking to me or what board I'm on!

I've never been to: Spain. But I kinda like the music...

I hate it when: I look in the mirror, expecting to see a 30'ish year old hot mama, and instead there's some old'ish woman looking back at me! Honestly, it shocks me every single time! I'm fast approaching the big FIVE OH, and my face looks every second of it. But my mind is still somewhere in my 30's! I need the two to make peace with each other!

The one person who can drive me nuts is: My ex. Just knowing he's breathing can make me insane. LOL Never in my life has anyone known every possible button to push like he does. Good news is I haven't seen him in three months. I'm much more well adjusted now!

When I'm nervous: I can't sit still. I pace. I shake my right leg. I bite at my fake nails. And my bottom lip. And I breathe really hard. (Ironically I do most of these same things during sex.) (I think.) (I can't really remember that far back.)

The last song I listened to was: "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves". Random, I know. I was scanning Sirius stations on the way into work and it was on the 70's one.

If I were to get married today my maid of honor/best man would: Nobody. I'd be at the drive thru wedding chapel in Vegas.

My hair is: As big as I can get it. I haven't outgrown the 80's mall look yet. However it keeps getting thinner as I get older, so height is becoming an issue.

When I was 5: My older sister told me that I was adopted and made me cry. Then she said "Oh for God's sake, if you were adopted we'd have sent you back by now!" And that made me cry harder. Bitch.

Last Christmas: I have no idea what happened last Christmas. Hell I can't remember last weekend.

I should be: Making millions as I type. But I'm not. Blogging doesn't pay well.

When I look down: I wonder where my feet are.

The happiest recent event was: Jordan getting accepted at UC. It's the most exciting time of his life and it makes me happy.

My current annoyance is: Lack of real estate clients. How am I supposed to pay off my bills and travel if nobody is buying/selling houses? Come on, people. I need a stimulus package of my own!

I have a hard time understanding: Euchre. I just can't grasp it. Seriously, I am not *that* stupid but that game confused the bejeezus out of me.

There's this girl that I know: Who needs to kick her husband's ass from here to Cleveland. I'll help. He is making ME never want to get married again.

The thing I want to buy is: A new face. I never thought I'd be bothered by lines and wrinkles but I'm telling you, this past year my face has driven me nuts. As one of my friends's matured tremendously! LOL I'm saving for some work, I'm just telling you now. I have become *that* vain.

If you visited the place I'm from: And the police were called, they'd be dispatched to you by my BFF Cheri.

Most recent thing I've bought myself: Lotion and body spray. Yeah, something that trivial is newsworthy.

Most recent thing someone else bought me was: He brought Greek salads over and we hung out watching TV. It was a nice evening.

My middle name is: Denise. If I were a boy it would have been Denephew.

Last night I was: Clearing out my DVR and getting caught up on my favorite shows.

If I was an animal I'd be: A black bear. Let's face it, I like fur, I look good in black, and I have no problems whatsoever laying around all winter long.

Tomorrow I am: Get a pedicure after work. Yay!

Tonight I am: Going to probably see That Guy Again.

Finish the sentence...I dare you.


Ace said...

Had to laugh at your story about your sister telling you you were adopted. The family always told my husband's sister she was and to make it funnier....her mother told her she was....on her death bed. (and no, she isn't).

jackie said...

I really had a great laugh when I read how shocked you were when we see your own refection. ME TOO! I swear in my minds eye I'm 28 and when I see my "pushin'50" face I actually sometimes gasp! LOL.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I think I'd choose to be a bear too.

Who's that guy that you're going to see again? Nosy minds want to know.

SSP said...

LOL - those are great Julie! I would do it myself, but [finish THIS sentence]....

Carol said...

too cute. i'm gonna lighten up! Following you now.

Carol said...

My sister is still traumatized by me telling her she was adopted. Of course I didn't tell her the truth until years later. So I forgot.... I was busy being 12.

laura said...

Ex husband means EX HUSBAND! For God's sake he's a loser so just don't go there!! I was married for 17 years (with 3 kids), and once they eff up??? they're done! Move on.

Julie said...

@CCD....I've been quietly dating an old boyfriend for a couple of weeks. Will post about that one of these days!

Julie said...

@Laura....Oh, I've moved on in a big way. We were done in Vegas back in mid May and I haven't seen him since. Feels good!

gayle said...

My oldest daughter use to tell my youngest daughter she was adopted and she cried too!! Just wait until you get my age!!

Laura @ The Shabby Rabbit said...

Euchre! Oh my gosh I'm so there with you!! So I devised a strategy that torqued off my partners a lot less than when I actually tried to play smart... my discovery?
When in doubt lead with a 9!


I so hate that game!

ps - I have the chronological age displacement syndrome too. I'm pretty sure this is all an alternate reality I fell into. I keeping looking for the door back. Like in Narnia

Rob-bear said...

I used to be a Black Bear (well, actually, a Brownish Bear). But now, the colour of my hair (uh, make that fur) has changed, and I'm a Polar Bear.

Life as a Bear is interesting. Too bad I'm trapped in a human body.

Dr. Penny said...

Denephew!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL -- you very funny lady so we kill you last! Warning, warning: save quickly cuz 50 is the best time to upgrade. Finish this sentence: if I don't do what my wellness counselor tells me to....