Friday, July 9, 2010

Exercise, Cats and Burlesque

So, my buddy Jill from NY finally took me up on my offer to guest blog for me. She's a virgin at this folks, but something tells me she needs to start her own blog and soon! So please welcome Jill to the 47 Stage and leave her lots of comments!!!!

Well after being sedentary for &$#@ years, I decided it was time to get my butt of the couch and get in shape.

I was trying to beat a bout of depression, so I found "Exercise On Demand" on my digital cable. Who knew this existed?

(Yeah,I know, where the hell have I have been?)

I decided to start small. I did some abdominals, which was a nice and short 15 minute session, and also some leg exercises. I rock at this.

Now you may be wondering where the cat comes in...

Well, my cat decides that she is going to lay on the floor right next to me while I am sweating to the oldies working my abs, which makes it harder for me to move. Being the typical lazy cat, she just lays there gazing at me with that look of "Mommy, rub my belly, my abs need exercise too!".

Unfortunately for her, I just moved over a little on the floor (God forbid you disturb the cat!!) and got on with my session (torture).

Meanwhile I did drink alot of water, so chalk one up for me!!

Then I started browsing through the menu and found a Hip Hop one so I did that which was so much fun and only 20 minutes long. All in all, I ended up doing two 15 minute sessions and the 20 minute hip hop one, not bad for my first day.

(Note from Julie....Hip hop? I'd have killed to have seen that!)

Anybody want to volunteer to come get me out of bed tomorrow morning???? Anyone???

So on with the burlesque....

It seems there is also burlesque (stripper?) exercising On Demand. Seriously, who knew? (OK people I've led a sheltered life, cut me some slack here.) I had more fun watching than was mesmerizing to say the least. The woman was a blonde bombshell (what else do you expect on a stripper video?) and she had a figure to die for. She even used a boa and did a little dry humping with it....yeah I am not kidding.

So, I'm thinking, since poor Julie is having a tough time with her various crises and stress...maybe she should try stripper exercising!! Is there an On Demand option on her blog?

(Note from Julie....hell no.)


Christiejolu said...

Welcome Jill from NY...I always thought about buying the stripper exercise video...YOu know the one the comes with an "Exercise pole" not to be confused with a stripper pole! I think you should start your own blog!

Ace said...

Hi should take up blogging. :) My daughter and I joke all the time about the stripper exercises. I keep threatening to order it just so I can have the pole to keep in purse. Just wait till the next Tupperware/Pampered Chef/Home Interiors party and they play the game about who has the most unusual item in their purse. Bet nobody could top a stripper pole!

gayle said...

Great post Jill!! You should start your own blog!!

dana said...

The stripper pole for Julie? Don't you think it's time she retired from her old job?