Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ridiculous day but fun after work!

This is the view outside my front door. Snow that comes up to my knees.


Yes, I live in Ohio and not Florida. Or California. Or the Caribbean.

Yes, I realize we get snow in the winter.

Doesn't mean I have to like it! A week or two of it, great. I'm over it though now.

In other news, I'm getting a new tattoo after work! Yay!

So you know Jordan has this memorial tattoo to my sister, right?


So I'm getting a version of this on my right shoulder/upper back, across from this one, but it will be a more feminine, girly font. (I felt the need to balance out the tattoos on my back since I have one on the left shoulder, and a tramp stamp across my lower back.)

Then I'm adding a colorful dragonfly based off this picture to it.

Not sure where the dragonfly will go in relation to the words, but I'm sure D will figure that out since he's the artist.

Will post a picture of it later tonight or tomorrow!

Oh, and check this out! I found a cool puzzle piece tattoo that I like, might end up with on my inner wrist! Not exactly like this, but some version of it.

Wouldn't that be fun? Significant not only of my blog (and would be a great reminder of it 30 years from now!) but also signifies that "missing piece" in my life that I plan to find!

I love tattoos.  They make me feel better about all this ridiculous snow. 


dana said...

The VIVA LA VIDA script on your son's arm (forgive me son) IS feminine....or in his case: ARTISTIC!! I don't think you could get better and I'd go with that particular script.

Two suggestions:

An accordion, so that as you age it will become a Concertina.

A snow shovel with a circle and a line across it.

rennschnecke said...

tatoo ,
very difficult !
but if it is done well o.k.
and if you like it why not !

Homesick Cajun said...

Holy cow...I love the one on your back! It's beautiful! I'm itching to get a new one, gotta finish one first though lol! I love the puzzle piece one too, it would look great on your wrist!

Southern Sage said...

cool ink for sure. Anything beats the snow. brrrrrrrr

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

HA! I like dana's snow shovel suggestion! Seriously, I LOVE the puzzle tatoo idea! It would tie in so perfectly with your blog (and your "missing piece!"

Can't wait to see what you end up with! Good luck!

Christiejolu said...

The snow looks nice, but I live in Arizona so I guess my opinion doesn't count. LOL!
Good luck with your new tats!

Chrissy said...

Come to Cleveland. I'll show you SNOW!

You have a tramp stamp? That's fabulous! Love the new dragonfly idea.

LeeAnn said...

Love the tattoos! I'd love to get one - but I'm too chicken. hahaha Can't wait to see the newest one you get.

Meg said...

I'm very excited to see your finished work(s)!

And as a fellow Ohioan, I agree: this snow absolutely sucks. Totally over it!


I like looking at tats. My husband has a FSU Seminole on his upper right arm. My son has an oriental weapon of distruction on his left. My youngest daughter has three Chinese symbols on her left hip area...and my oldest has a tree growing up her lower back area. They are all quite unique. I don't have one...but love the puzzle piece. In the Special Ed. world of Autism the puzzle piece represents finding the missing piece for understanding Autism. Make sure you post pics of the tat.

AirmanMom said...

I too am too chicken to get any ink...I gave birth naturally four times...enough self-inflicted pain for this lifetime. That being said, if my voice still counts...love the puzzle piece!

gayle said...

I can't wait to see your latest tatto!! I am sure it will be beautiful and the puzzel piece is a great idea too!!

Madmother said...

I love this! May have to steal the idea with a few small changes. Boy 1 has autism spectrum disorder and the puzzle piece is the usual representation.