Sunday, January 17, 2010

Answers to the burning questions you asked last week!

So last week I did a rerun of my interview post, and told you I'd answer any questions you had.

Here's what was asked:

Liz wrote:

How do you raise a child to be a respectful, loving, caring adult? You did an awesome job raising Jordan and I'd love to have the kind of relationship the two of you have with my daughter some day!

Hell, Liz...I don't know! (But thank you for saying that!) My son turned out great, either because of me or in spite of me, I'm not sure which! I think a lot of it had to do with me being a single mom for the majority of his life. Other than the few years I was with my ex-husband (who is not Jordan's father, and who I married when Jordan was 12), we were on our own, and I think that certainly cemented the close bond we have. I raised him to be independent (he's been doing his own laundry since he was 10, he had his first job at 14, bought his own car with 100% his money at 15 1/2, and has always paid for his gas and car insurance himself) and while I tried to be the "cool Mom", I also made sure he respected me, and my rules. I didn't make idle threats. He knew "If A, then B" meaning if he did a particular action (A), there was a guaranteed consequence if he got caught (B). I'm not going to say he didn't try more than a few teenage tricks, but he did them with full knowledge that if he broke a rule, he would face serious repercussions. And I never let him down in that aspect! We fought over the usual kid things...homework, grades, length of hair, etc. (back when he had hair, of course! LOL) but for the most part, I was just damn lucky in the kid department. I had a lot of family who helped me, and Jordan also has a great Dad & Stepmom and the three of us were always on the same parenting page. The best advice I could give you is throw away the freaking parenting books that so many new parents can't seem to function without, and just listen to your child. Pay attention...their words and actions will tell you everything you need to know. Be their safe place to fall. Kick them in the ass when they need it, but love them unconditionally. You are a great Mom to Lexi, and to #2 who I plan to knock you up with later this year. (This is an inside joke, folks...but Liz gets it!) Your relationship with your kids will be every bit as amazing as you are, my friend.

Soxy Deb asked:

Where is the most unusual place you've had sex. What? You knew it would be a sex question coming from me. That or alcohol.

Of course you would ask a sex question. I'd have been SHOCKED if you hadn't!!!! Unfortunately, I really don't have any fun or exciting answers for this! I considered just making something totally wild up but then realized my family does read this blog. Sadly, I have not been very blessed with adventurous romantic partners. So I guess I'll just go with some place out of the house, and that would have to be either a swimming pool, or on a pool table in a bar (in my defense, the bar was NOT open at the time!), both of which occurred in my younger and wilder days back in the 80's. Wow, I just bored myself with that answer. I know you must be appalled to think I haven't got anything more exciting than that to answer this question with, but trust me, nobody is more saddened by my unimaginative response than I am! Clearly, I need to redefine my idea of a "creative" man when it comes to dating again, don't I?!

Coffeypot writes:

Question? Next to me, what four guys (or girls), living or dead, you would like to have sex with?

Well, after you, I'm sure I would be too exhausted to consider anyone else! LOL However, the other four objects of my affection would be (in no particular order):

1. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who I think is incredibly sexy and hot. Great body, beautiful smile, entertaining personality. Yum, I could just dip him up on a chip.

2. Tabatha Coffey (and John, if she is related to you, you need to hook a sister up!), star of "Tabatha Takes Over" on Bravo. I'm not into women but if I were, she'd be who I'd go after. It's a well known fact she gives me chick wood.

3. The Marquis de Sade. Enough said.

4. Denis Leary. Specifically if he was playing the role of his Rescue Me alter ego, Tommy Gavin. Yeah it's a stretch to wonder how my attraction to a man can swing from Dwayne Johnson to Denis Leary, but it does.

Annie asked:

My question: I'm a late follower, and curious if you were married to your sons father? Also, about the man you have recently divorced what happened there? I read you refer to him, and I wish I knew the background! :)

Oh, Annie. This response could take hours to write. LOL I'll try to be brief.

No, I was not married to my son's father. However we have always had a good relationship, and I have an equally good one with his wife as well (who he married when Jordan was about 4 or 5). They are great parents to our son and Jordan is lucky because at my house he's an only child, and at his Dad's he's one of four kids (he has a half brother, and a step brother and step sister) so he has the best of both worlds.

I have only been married once, and that was in September of 2003 when I was 42. I was divorced two years and 8 days later. I don't really say much about my ex here anymore....while starting over via divorce was my reason for writing this blog in the first place, I've tried very hard to not let my life be defined by how my marriage ended. This blog is about me and my journey now. I loved being married, and the way it ended sucked and it was awful and all I will say is that I hope someday to get another chance at Happily Ever After. Except next time should Prince Charming decide to stray, I will take his balls with me when I leave.

Homesick Cajun asked:

My question is this, what is your "get it girl" song? You know...the song you love to turn the radio up and just sing and/or dance to?

Ooooh, I have lots of those! If my car, I will crank things like Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Meatloaf), or I Hate Myself For Loving You (Joan Jett), or various other 80's songs that remind me of days gone by like It's Raining Men (The Weather Girls). I love anything by the Eagles, and of course there are the standard fuck you, you sorry asshole break up songs such as Survivor (Destiny's Child) or You Oughta Know (Alanis Morrissette, and my divorce theme song! LOL) but lately, I've become a big Lady Gaga fan, and Bad Romance is my current favorite crank it up and sing song!

Gayle asked me:

Honestly what age is to old to wear Uggs? My daughters say I shouldn't get a pair but they look so comfortable..I would probably only wear them around the house anyway.

Well, I'm going to be 49 in March, and I just got my first pair of Uggs for Christmas, and I wear them proudly! They are incredibly comfortable and I plan on wearing them for many, many, MANY years to come! Go get yourself a pair, sister!

Sooooo, there you have it. I love questions, they are so fun! Feel free to keep 'em gives me something to blog about!


Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst said...

I WANT UGGS!....They were on my christmas list, but santa didn't deliver. And d'ya know what? I never knew they were only supposed to be for young, hip and trendy little girls (Yup, not me!) I don't care though, I still NEED some..
I loved your response to the music question, but how come you missed out Journeys 'Don't stop believing'? If, god forbid, I ever crash my car it will be because that song is cranked up loud & I'm singing & dancing to it!!

jill jill bo bill said...

OMG I have missed you!! And I completely agree with you on the kid thing, the sex thing, the music thing, and the Ugg thing. We are one. And I know that scares the hell out of you!

AirmanMom said...

great post...I now know you and like you even better!

Coffeypot said...

Yeah, I know I would ruin you for other men and give you a good running against the women, too. I can see Dwayne, I like him myself…as a man friend…honest…mine is ‘exit only.’ And with Tabitha, no kin by the way, you are still pretty much getting a man. However, being hung from the rafters and spanked with whips or bound and stretched…okay, I can do that too. And with Leary, you are just wanting your flame quenched by using his hose. I’ve been known to be a pretty good fire extinguisher, too. So dream on, darling.

SexShoppingandGreed said...

I just wore my daughters Uggs for the first time and totally want my own now.
PS- Funny sex spot- Parking lot of the old Gibbys on Riverside Drive.

Christiejolu said...

Great answers!

What concerts have you been to and which one was your favorite, since you don't mind questions!

gayle said...

Love these honest answers that you gave!! Thank you for answering mine...I might just get me a pair of Uggs and my daughters (in their 30ts) will flip out but oh well it wont' be the first time.
Have I told you before I love reading your blog... I hope my daughter and son in law raise my grandson the way you have raised your son

Secretia said...

What great questions and ANSWERS!
You are quite the thinker.


Gaston Studio said...

How great that you have a good relationship with Jordon's father AND his father's wife!

Under the Influence said...

Dang, sorry I missed the question and answer session! I'm not sure what I would have asked, but it would have been a good one when I came up with it.

Jo said...

Hi, Julie -- Jo here, a new follower (found you through someone else's blog -- that's original, eh?).

Marquie De Sade -- oh, yes! Great answer! What is it about the bad boys???

You have a terrific blog and I'm so grateful to have found it -- and you.

Gotta love us ballsy, 40-something 'tell it like it is' gals!

So, from one 40 something, who's also starting over (albeit in a different way) to another, I send you kudos and my very best for a colorful and happy 2010.

Look forward to getting to know you better!

Feel free to stop by and visit me at my new blog titled; 'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'. I'd love to have you!

Peace and serenity,
Post script: I wrote article on my OLD blog ('Diary Of A Sad Housewife: Confessions Of A Bankrupt Life') that you would likely enjoy from earlier this month titled: 'Now For Something Completely Different'.

Note: I no longer use that blog but thought that post might provide you with a chuckle...

Sorry to be so verbose in my first comment to you! :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I love question and answer posts.

Tiffany said...

I'd do The Rock on a pool table WHILE wearing my uggs and listening to 80's music. LOL

Denise Burks said...

I love visiting your blog and need to ask where you had the puzzle produced! It is a fantastic banner for your blog. I think I'm going to order puzzles for my kids for Easter gifts.

Denise Burks

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Uggs are for anybody who wants them! They're warm, they feel like bedroom slippers, they don't slide around on the ice, and now they come in all kinds of colors and styles. I've worn mine for at least 15 years and they won't wear out. Which is too bad because I want new purple ones. I think I'm gonna get them anyway. Love your answers to all the burning questions.

ModernMom said...

Such great answers! And I have to one is ever too old to wear Uggs. They are the most comfotabel foot wear ever!

Anonymous said...

it is all about keeping it real =]