Friday, October 31, 2008

Coming tomorrow - Bachelor #8

Amazing. And not in a good way!


OK you *know* my issues with spelling. Check out this profile.

hellow my name is rick and im a batchler with my own home and im looking for that some one spesial who likes to laugh and have fun either at home or out and about. sound like you pleas answer me and lets see if there is something to discover. life of happenines is there any such thing?? yes with the right ideal match would be real and down to earth. she would know what in life she wants and want some one to help her get well as to help her mate do the same thing. she would be loving and not afried to show her afection.

Seriously, how do these people graduate from high school? Is he just a bad typist or is just hooked on phonics?

The witch has parked her broom.

OK I'm better now. But thanks for all your comments on my other post. They made me laugh and helped snap me out of my "I'm either gonna get drunk or run someone over" mood.

I was all whipped up this morning over my son's Senior Pictures. Long story short, he thought it was appropriate to have them taken in his usual attire, that being a band t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, and a pair of checkered Chuck Taylor's.

Um, no.

So we had a fight over it, and I cancelled the photo session for today.

After I had time to cool off and think rationally about it, I realized that he just doesn't have a clue what this is like for me. He doesn't understand that this is a big milestone in his life to different than his first tooth, his first step, his first day of school. This is the year that my job as a hands on parent comes to a crashing halt. I pretty much get fired even though I've done a damn good job at it! So everything about his last year of school is big to me, and that includes Senior Pictures. I don't mind some of them being taken in his usual attire...that's who he is and I'm fine with that. But I also want some taken in nice clothes, showing the "grown up" adult that I've raised.

Bottom line is that I guess I'm so used to him doing everything for himself, that I didn't realize I needed to show him what I wanted him to wear, to get the pictures *I* want to have. So I rescheduled his appointment for next Wednesday, and I will pick out his clothes, and I'll get those pictures of my little boy....even if he does look like he's 25 he's still my baby.

In other news....

Here's my contribution to Halloween. Hope you enjoy!!!

I don't feel like blogging today

So I'm not going to. I'm in too bad of a mood to do so.

Have a nice Halloween. This witch is going to get back on her broomstick and fly the fuck away.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm a Blog Thief.

That's right. I'm stealing Danica's post off her blog because it made me laugh out loud, and frankly, this would have happened to me when I was married. So please go give her some comment love since she had this first!!!!

Three women friends, one in a casual relationship, one engaged to be married and one a long-time wife, met for drinks after work. The conversation eventually drifted towards how best to spice up their sex lives.

After much discussion, they decided to surprise their men by engaging in some S&M role playing. The following week they met up again to compare notes. Sipping her drink, the single girl leered and said, "Last Friday at the end of the work day I went to my boyfriend's office wearing a leather coat. When all the other people had left, I slipped out of it and all I had on was a leather bodice, black stockings and stiletto heels. He was so aroused that we made mad passionate love on his desk right then and there!"

The engaged woman giggled and said, "That's pretty much my story! When my fiancé got home last Friday, he found me waiting for him in a black mask, leather bodice, black hose and stiletto pumps. He was so turned on that we not only made love all night, he wants to move up our wedding date!

The married woman put her glass down and said, "I did a lot of planning. I made arrangements for the kids to stay over at Grandma's. I took a long scented-oil bath and then put on my best perfume. I slipped into a tight leather bodice, a black garter belt, black stockings and six-inch stilettos. I finished it off with a black mask. When my husband got home from work, he grabbed a beer and the remote, sat down and yelled,

'Hey, Batman, what's for dinner?'"

The Wizard of Odds

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The boob shot

An anonymous poster asked what picture of me #7 saw that showed my boobs.

There isn't one. I don't flash the girls via the Internet!

This is the picture he saw and formed his own opinions....

As you can see, it's just a normal shot of me in a dress. OK so the dress part isn't normal...I don't wear them often! But it's not revealing by any means.

Home sick at the moment

My spectacular boobs sorry ass is on the couch this morning with a blanket, pillow, and a healthy dose of Tylenol Cough & Cold Nighttime stuff. Yeah, I know it's morning...I like the buzz.

I was up and getting dressed for work when my boss called and said he too was sick, and told me to stay home in bed this morning, and come in later this afternoon.

OK. I can do that.

In other news....

Bachelor #7 isn't quite getting the hint that I'm not interested. He emailed me at least 4 times since his response I posted yesterday....last night early evening, evening, night and 6am this morning. His 6am email says it's the last one I'll get as he is not a stalker but he just doesn't understand why I've changed my mind about meeting him (changed my mind? was there a point I was interested and I was too stoned on cold meds yesterday to realize it?) but the ball is in my court, and he won't contact me again unless he hears from me first.

Hold your breath, pal.

By the way, I should note that not all the guys who have contacted me are losers. There are a couple that I am exchanging emails with that have some promise. I just don't want to write about them at this point! If I meet one, and there's a spark, I'll let you guys know then....

Back to the couch. But first, do you think hot chocolate laced with caramel vodka would get the taste of Robitussin out of my mouth?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OMG, he actually wrote me back!

Don your crash helmets, ladies and's his response!!!

It is a pleasant surprise hearing from you. Had not expected to even though I gave you my work email address. Your a very blunt tell it like it is person. And I did lay it out as completely and as honestly as I am capable of. In case you have not been able to tell I am not the type to go slow. Here is what I perceive will happen if things go well.

There are absolutely no expectations the first time we meet, this is not really a date just a meeting to see if anything is there.

If we decide there is and then we have a real date and perceptions change. At this point I am thinking we know there is something worth exploring.

After that true 1st date if we decide there is to be a 2nd true date I would expect it to be a 1 on 1 exclusive dating arrangement from that point forward until there is something happens that is a deal breaker. I am not talking anything intimate here but to be honest if there really is a connection it will not be much longer than this before something happens. I know at the very least that is what I will be feeling.

I am not trying to offend just being really honest about who I am. The vast vast majority of women, and probably men as well, would want to take things much slower than that. That is not me. I would like to meet but just want you to be real clear on what my expectations are.

I don't even know how to respond to that, so I have decided NOT to.

The guy reminds me so much of my ex it's borderline scary, with his whole controlling nature, "it's my way or no way at all" approach, he's a computer geek with no friends, and everything is black and white, there is no grey area. Do as I say, not as I do.

Dude, I just got rid of a man like you, the last thing I want is another one back. I'll switch teams first!

Monday, October 27, 2008

For your amusement and horror...I give you Bachelor #7

First, let's start with his profile...

Hi, I'm 56, and looking for an open minded BBW who is also looking to meet someone. I prefer someone who in their mid 40s or older. I am looking for a special friend to begin dating and if the chemistry is right hopefully grow it into a LTR. I do have a "not so vanilla" side and need a partner to compliment that. Your a size 16/18 thru 22/24 give or take, non smoker or smoker just so long as smoking does not control your life, you also have a not so vanilla side and enjoy sharing that naughty side of your personality with someone special. Is this you?

Well, *some* parts of that are me. LOL

So he sends me an email that says:

"Dearest Julie, I saw your profile and was blown away by how beautiful you are, and I cannot believe you have to resort to dating sites to find a man."

Um, is that one of those backhanded compliments? Gee Julie, you're beautiful in your desperation...

"I have looked at your pictures over and over, and I would really like a chance to get to know you, as you are the epitome of what I am looking for in a mate."

I am? Because...I have a uterus? Oh wait, it's because you can't take your eyes off me and are blown away by my beauty. Check.

OK. So I know I've been kind of hard on some of these guys, and maybe this one is just a little awkward on paper, so perhaps I should cut him some slack. So I wrote back and said that I wasn’t sure if I qualified with all his requirements but that I appreciated his compliments! And he wrote back and said:

"Just got home from work a little bit ago. You are absolutely qualified - your a VERY attractive woman I would like to get to know you better. Feel free to ask me ANYTHING about anything. Honesty is expected and given in return. I am very much for real. Hope to hear back from you real soon....."

And 5 minutes later:

"My phone nbr is 696-****. If you call I am up until about 11 p.m. so feel free to call rather late. I am DEFINITELY interested. Hope to hear from you soon."

Here we go again with the "Call me, why haven't you called me yet?" crap.

But I'm still trying to be positive! So I write back the next day and say sorry, didn't get your emails until late, this whole process seems kind of job interview'ish to me, so why don't we talk a little bit over email for now?

And he says:

"Hi. I would like to meet - what are you doing Sunday morning. How about breakfast at Bob Evans or something similar. Let me know..."

And an hour after that:

"Could not sleep so I signed on to check for email and thought I would write. Julie I do not know how to respond to you. (Respond? You haven't given me a chance to say much of anything yet!) It is very hard meeting people or at least it is for me. I am a good man with a lot to offer a woman but it is somehow different when you get to be our age. Add to that the fact I am not looking to casually date several women. I want to find one woman to be friends with, be lovers with, to grow a relationship with. I just want to be honest and upfront about who I am and what I am looking for when I meet someone - even if for the first time. To be honest I am pretty much a loner and do not have a lot of friends. And I am okay with that for the most part. I miss having that one special woman in my life though. Someone to talk to when life gets ugly, someone to share weekend drives to no where with, someone to share the up coming holidays with. I woud love to have someone special to go out New Years Eve with - don't laugh it is not that far away lol. One woman to love who will love me back, who shares the same vision of life and relationships that I do. I really want to apologize because I get the feeling that I offended you somehow. That certainly was not my intent. I apologize if I did...."

OK, so other than the fact that he admits to being a loner, and that scares the shit out of me because my ex was the world's biggest loner (our best man was his business partner, remember...and he had ONE friend attend our wedding), the rest of the email just sounds like a guy who's ready to be in a relationship.

So again, I'm trying to cut him some I respond:

No, you did not offend me, I just have not had a chance to respond!

My weekend is kind of up in the air. I have a rental property and need to install a new dishwasher and garbage disposal this weekend, and I'm hoping I can get it done tomorrow. Plus I have a commitment to paint my sister's bedroom on Sunday as well. So this weekend isn't really good for a breakfast meeting...

I understand where you are coming from. I never expected to be 47 and single again, and while everyone tells me I should be excited about it, frankly I'm more apprehensive than I am excited. I agree with you 100%, I don't want to be casually dating several people either. It's not who I am. I like being part of a couple, having someone to count on. I like the term "we"! I don't meet many single men my age at my job, and all of my friends are married so of course all of their friends are as well.

So tell me more about who you are. What do you do for a living? Do you have kids? What do you like to do for fun?

And three days later this is what I got back from him!

"Hi Julie,

I took a few days to think over your email below. I want to be honest with you - just the way it always should be. To be honest your pictures floored me - your an incredibly attractive woman I can only imagine what you must look like for real. I liked the one of you in a dress the best. But I have to ask...are your boobs real? They are huge! I mean that in a good way, you know good huge! I'm a boob man myself so it just makes you even more attractive.

And I love your mouth. I'll tell you why later.

Anyway, the problem is the email you sent me. You come across as a type A personality. Always have a million balls up in the air. I don't want to casually date someone - I want someone to date with the express purpose of seeing if a long term relationship developes. That also means being intimate in a fairly short time frame if the chemisty is there which if it is not we would not date more than 1 or 2 times any way. I emphasized that to make sure you read it, and remember it because it's important to me. VERY important.

I like being able to get up on a Saturday morning and decide to take a back roads weekend drive to no where - enjoying the sights and sounds along the way but would love to have someone share that with me. I am a computer programmer so have a professional job but I also am very laid back and mellow on my personal time. Like you I would love to be a part of a "couple" again. Knowing there is someone to count on, to do things with, like you I like the term "we" but I want a partner who has time to allow that "we" to develope. As for what I do

I am a computer programmer. I enjoy weekend drives to no where, movies in or out, would love to have someone in my life to have cookouts with, watch movies with, all the normal couple things. I would absolutely LOVE to have someone special in my life to share New Years Eve with - it is not that far away. I love the holidays - the sights, the sounds, one of the very few times in the year when people are actually nice to each other lol.

Anyway above is a small part of who I am there is more but I guess I need to know if me being so laid back and mellow - definitely NOT a type A personality, is a problem for you. If it is I do not want to start something that is doomed right from the beginning. I hope this makes sense to you because it does to me."

What. The. Fuck.

Is he serious? There are so many things wrong with that email I don't know where to start. But let's start with the boobs. Seriously? You ask me that before you even meet me? And no, I'm not sleeping with you at Bob Evans. It takes more than a few hash browns and a waffle to get to the Promised Land, pal. And how the hell many times do you have to tell me you like long drives to nowhere and are desperate for a New Year's Eve date?

Wait, let me just cut and paste MY email to him, it will be faster.

Well, I have to tell you I was fairly stunned by your forwardness. You certainly don't hold back now do you?

All the things you listed, I certainly enjoy doing. I'm not a Type A personality by any means. The problem I do see based on your email, is that I'm not a "jump in the sack" kind of gal. While I may have an instant chemistry with someone, I'm still not the kind of woman who gets to know them in bed! And sometimes, the chemistry is not instant. Sometimes it takes more than one or two dates to figure out if this is a person I really want to get to know better, let alone have sex with, and I can assure you that's not going to happen after a couple cups of coffee and a drive in the country. I put that in bold to make sure you read it and remember it.

I think that this quote you..."doomed right from the beginning". I wish you luck in your search, and as for my boobs...yes they are all mine, and they are spectacular.


Next, on "As The Stomach Turns"...

Bachelor #7 makes his first appearance.

Tune in tomorrow as Julie has yet another completely dysfunctional man vying for her attention, and evidently her boobs.

Wow...that speaks volumes!

With T-minus 8 days and counting until the election, things are not looking good for the Republicans.

One of Alaska's largest papers (read that again, folks...ALASKA'S) - the Anchorage Daily News - has just announced its endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.


They called their own Governor, Sarah Palin, "too risky" to be one very close step to President of the United States. And that even though the state may have been "captivated" by her nomination, they should not let her "overwhelm their judgment."

She is indeed seductive to some! But the paper said voters need to keep their eyes on the prize.

In other words, McCain is the "wrong choice."

Ummmm hmmmm.

And to take us out of this bulletin, please enjoy the song stylings of Ashford & Simpson...

"That's why we're solid...solid as Barack" LOL God bless Saturday Night Live!

When did I get so busy?

I either need to start getting up earlier in the morning, or drafting my blog posts at night. I just don't have time at work to blog anymore!!!

I've been given several blog awards recently (thank you!!!) and haven't even gotten them posted yet, or even worse...passed on.

Oh, and I'm feeling all kinds of crappy today. Sore throat, stuffed head, the beginnings of a cough, body aches. Ugh. Whoever gave this to me...take it back.

So don't expect a lot out of me today, I have to leave work at 3:30 anyway and I'm swamped between now and then. Consider this my Monday blog post and let's hope tomorrow's is a little more entertaining!

In other news...

I got the dishwasher installed at the condo this weekend, and that went well. And even better is that my renter gave me a check for November's rent already! Woohoo! I'm so used to having to spend the first 10 days of the month tracking my renter down for it, I forgot what it was like to have someone just voluntarily pay me!!!!

Lastly, thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer Hudson and her sister. I saw where they found a little boy's body this morning. I cannot imagine the heartbreak they are going through, losing everyone in their family except each other. So very, very tragic.

Oh, one more thing! Does anybody know anyone (or a place) that will transfer VHS tapes onto DVD's? I have about 10 tapes from when my son was born and his first few years that I definitely want preserved, but I don't know where to get this done....

Any ideas?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm in between "too old for a baby" and "too young to be Grandma".

Yesterday, baby Jesse James came to stay with me. 30 lbs. of fun wrapped up in a peeing and pooping bundle. It's funny when your "baby" is almost 18, you forget what having a one year old is like.

We pulled in the driveway and Jordan came out to meet us, so I handed Jesse off to him, handed him the diaper bag, got the Pack N Play out of the trunk, along with the bag of clothes/bottles and the drum full of baby toys. Yes, it took two of us to get one of us in the house. Jordan said "How did you do this without me to help you with me when I was little???", and I said "Because whenever I took you somewhere, there was always another adult willing to carry you and the diaper bag into the house".

So, it officially takes two of us to figure out how to put the damn Pack N Play up. Honestly! Meanwhile I had sat Jesse on the couch because the dogs were attacking him, and as Jordan and I are fighting with the PnP, he says "Mom!" and I turn around and Jesse is about to dive off the couch head first. I grabbed him by a handful of pajamas before he hit the ground (Sorry, Jenny! I forgot to tell you this part!) and he looked up at me with this look that clearly said "Dumb Ass. I'm one. Don't turn your back on me!"

It was a look very similar to this:

Jordan was like "Great, Mom, he's been here 15 minutes and already you almost broke him".

So...we get the PnP up and working, and get Jesse's toys in there, so that it's ready to play in...and we begin the first round of "Watch the baby walk around the coffee table and giggle".

He soon tires of entertaining us in this manner, so I put him in the PnP with his bottle. He hangs out for awhile, decides he'd rather walk around the coffee table some more, and maybe grab a bite to eat.

Eating was an adventure. I didn't have a high chair or a seat of any sort, so I sat him on my lap and attempted to give him some Turkey & Rice stuff. Again, it's been 17 years since I had a baby this size in the house, so I forgot all about that little spoon grabbing thing they do. Well, combine Sumo Baby with a bad case of the wiggles, me holding him on my lap and trying to feed him orange baby food...and with in seconds I had more of it on me than he did in his tummy. Jesse is quite the smart baby...he knew if he grabbed the spoon, got food all over his hands, and aimed them at my face, I'd scream and pull away and he'd laugh and spit orange everywhere. Meanwhile, the dogs would try to lick the food off his hands, which was grossing me out. (We all know that I'm not a dog person, even though I have two of them) One time I tried hold his hands down while I fed him a bite, and he gave me another one of those looks..."Dumb Ass, I'm one. Do you really think this is going to work?"

(There are no pictures of eating, as I already had my hands full)

Mealtime over, we sat on the floor on a blanket and played toys for awhile, and Jesse was so tired he was about to fall over. I put him in the PnP and gave him a bottle, and this was the end result:

After a nice refreshing nap, we had a photo shoot. Fortunately, Jesse doesn't mind the whole picture taking thing. Unfortunately, my iPhone camera is very sensitive to movement, and well you know a baby doesn't exactly stay very still. So 90% of the pictures I took had blurs as he turned his head just as I snapped the picture.

But I got a couple of cute ones...

What's with the horns he's throwing me? Is that a baby gang sign?

Finally, after an hour of being a super model, he gave me this look, which clearly said "Dumb Ass. I'm one. If you take another picture of me, I'm leaving."

So I took one anyway. And here is the end result...

Guess he wasn't kidding.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sleepy Saturday


Happy Saturday, peeps.

What is it about cold, semi-rainy mornings that just make you want to stay curled up in bed?

Maybe it was my new discovery last night that hot chocolate, with some caramel and chocolate vodkas added...really makes you sleep good!

Regardless, I've been up for an hour and I'm still yawning and stretching.

Don't have a big weekend planned, but have things I need to take care of. I'm going to babysit my cougar bait favorite baby boy, Jesse James, for a few hours today. Me + a 1 year old = practicing to be a grandma, it's no longer pretending to be the mother of a toddler! I'm too damn old for that now!

I need a guy to install a dishwasher and garbage disposal at my renter's this weekend. Can you send someone my way?

Oh, and I'm faux finishing the walls in my sister's bedroom. Yeah, it's one of my many talents.

And last but not least, I'm going to watch the Buckeyes kick Penn State's ASS. That's right, you heard me. I'm throwing down!

What's on your agenda this weekend?

Friday, October 24, 2008

From funny to ridiculous

Friday Funnies

No disrespect to my male readers (Vinnie and Anonymous, et al) but there's a little man bashing going on here this morning. It's all just for fun and you know I love you guys so don't be throwing curses out on me!

Here we go, ladies. Find one you like!!!

The Why's of Men


(because they are plugged into a genius)


(they don't have enough time)


(they don't stop to ask directions)


(because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock)


(so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties)


(you need a rough draft before you make a final copy)


(don't never happened)

( C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!)

And the personal favorite:


(because a vibrator can't mow the lawn)

One day my housework-challenged husband decided to wash his Sweat-shirt Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, 'What setting do I use on the washing machine?'
'It depends,' I replied. 'What does it say on your shirt?'
He yelled back, 'University of Oklahoma '
And they say blondes are dumb...
------------------------------ -----------------

A couple is lying in bed. The man says,
'I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world.'
The woman replies, 'I'll miss you...'
------------------------------ -----------------------------
'It's just too hot to wear clothes today,' Jack says as he stepped out of the s hower, 'honey, what do you think the neighbors would think if I mowed the lawn like this?'
'Probably that I married you for your money,' she replied.

----------------------------- ------------------
Q: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man?
A: A rumor
----------------------------- ------------------
* Dear Lord,
I pray for Wisdom to understand my man; Love to forgive him; And Patience for his moods. Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength, I'll beat him to death.
AMEN (Note from Julie...this used to be my mantra when married.)
----------------------------- ------------------
Q: Why do little boys whine?
A: They are practicing to be men.
------------------------------ ----------------- --
Q: What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?
A: You did not hold the pillow down long enough.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holy shit...what's that feeling? I "happy"??

Hold on. I'm trying to identify an emotion.

Yep, I think I've pinned it down...

I'm either happy, or somebody slipped something into my coffee this morning and this is simply a chemical reaction.

Weird. I haven't felt this way for a long time. Years. Many, many years. Oh, I suppose there were times when I was married that I was happy. I actually remember feeling quite happy on my honeymoon. But it went downhill from there.

The past three years have sucked a big one. I thought "happy" was just a fond memory.

Yet today, I woke up without that constant feeling of dread that has been hanging over me for what seems like forever.

I was actually singing in the shower. Okay, technically it was more like the sound of a pig being attacked by a mountain lion, however it was high pitched ugly to the tune of Destiny's Child "Survivor".

I have found myself thinking "up". Looking "up". Feeling "up". (Which is not the same as being felt up, however I have hope that too will come back into my life soon!)

Dare I say..I'm happy?

Hell yes I say it! I'm in a good place, for the first time in so freaking long I can't even tell you. I'm looking forward to my future, and not mourning my past. I'm excited about dating again at some point (even though the prospects I've seen so far aren't exactly appealing to me at this juncture). I'm feeling ALIVE again. I'm laughing, I'm spending time with family and friends (and enjoying it!), and best of all, I am finding myself okay with being alone.

Because..I'm not lonely.

Part of what kept me with my ex for the past three years was the feeling that "something" is better than "nothing".

It's not. Not when the something is just flat out insane. Batshit crazy. Psychotic.

"Nothing" is much quieter. Much less stressful. Much more peaceful.

And happy feels damn good. Welcome back, stranger.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh. Dear. God. No. Or, as I like to call it, Bachelor #6

Ok I'm not sure what to show you first...which one will have more impact and send you spewing your beverage all over your monitor.

Eh, let's go with the profile.

In my own words:

for fun:

I have been a birdwatcher since I was little. I am a volunteer naturalist with the Metro Parks. I am also a member of Box 15 - an all volunteer canteen for all of the fire depts. in the county.

my job:

I am a Courtesy Officer for a motel chain. I live here as a job requirement. I make rounds & am on call for guest concerns during off hours.

favorite hot spots:

I would take a date to a nice leisure place like O Charly's or Roadhse. for a good steak dinner.

favorite things:

I can always be found watching some kind of crime drama on tv.

about me and who I'm looking for:

Recently divorced. Looking for a lady that wants to go slow and see what happens. Friends first , then? Must be a non-smoker & have a good sense of humor. Looks aren't nearly as important as what's on the inside, although there obviously be a certain attraction. I honestly have never met anyone I couldn't make laugh or didn't find attractive. My sense of humor is dry & sarcastic. If you don't want my opinion on something, don't ask, because I call them like I see them. And you are beautiful!

Now, that being's his profile picture.


Don your crash helmets because this one is going to send you over the edge...

Here goes....

I think in this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Halloween Hilarity

Back in a bit with a real post, but this was funny enough for one of it's own...

A cabbie picks up a Nun. She gets into the cab, and notices that the VERY handsome cab driver won't stop staring at her.

She asks him why he is staring. He replies: "I have a question to ask, but I don't want to offend you.'"

She answers, " My son, you cannot offend me. When you're as old as I am and have been a nun as long as I have, you get a chance to see and hear just about everything. I'm sure that there's nothing you could say or ask that I would
find offensive."

" Well, I've always had a fantasy to have a nun kiss me."

She responds, " Well, let's see what we can do about that: #1, you have to be single and #2, you must be Catholic."

The cab driver is very excited and says, "Yes, I'm single and Catholic! "

" OK' the nun says. 'Pull into the next alley."

The nun fulfills his fantasy with a kiss that would make a hooker blush.

But when they get back on the road, the cab driver starts crying.

" My dear child,' said the nun, 'Why are you crying? "

" Forgive me but I've sinned. I lied and I must confess; I'm married and I'm Jewish."

The nun says, " That's OK. My name is Kevin and I'm going to a Halloween party."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where did my baby go?

Time flies when you're having spawn.

I turned around and somewhere, somehow, my bouncing baby boy has become a man. An adult. He's now my roommate instead of my responsibility.

My son will be 18 in December, and he's a Senior in high school this year. How did time go by so fast? And does this mean I really am 18 years older too?

He came home from school yesterday with the graduation packet. You know, the one where they suck you dry financially to get all the mementos of your child's last year in high school.

Best value...Senior Package...$245.10!

Say what?

Jordan says...

NO MOTHER. I do not need a mascot tassel, a name plate, my choice of a T-shirt (only because his high school isn't a rock band and the T-shirt isn't black, mind you), a choice of Senior jewelry (necklace, dog tag, good luck necklace, large key chain, etc.), a 2009 Key Ring, personalized thank you notes, party invitations, and a hoodie! (Note, the cap & gown aren't even included in the package!)

Yes you do! You're a Senior! You need all those things!!!!
NO. We're not spending that kind of money on junk.

(We? Since when have "we" been concerned about how we spend "our" money??)

Just order the announcements and the cap and gown. Or, you could just not make me walk during graduation next June, since I'm technically graduating January 14th early...and we can save the hassle of doing any of this!

WHAT??? Are you freaking kidding me????? I have spent the past 12 years of my life getting up early to get you off to school, juggling raising a child on my own with working every day and making sure your homework is done! I've had 1,000 arguments with you about how smart you are and why your grades aren't what they should be simply because for the last six years you've lost your homework! I've paid for proms and sports and cried over first days of school and feared summers when you were free to roam while I was gone all day. I've met with teachers, gone to PTA meetings, helped with building salt maps and Valentine shoe boxes and all the other million things a mom does for their child! OH, YOU ARE WALKING AT GRADUATION, SON! I have blood, sweat and teared the right to watch my baby get his diploma, move his tassel to the other side and throw his hat into the air. I have waited for this day for 18 me, YOU ARE WALKING.

Just pray I don't jump up there on the stage and walk with you.

So he relented, and I get to order the cap and gown and announcements, and today I made the appointment to get his Senior pictures taken.

It seems like just yesterday he was 9 months old and bounced down the basement steps in his walker, scaring the living shit out of his momma. Or when he was two and ran into the table and needed stitches above his eyebrow...a scar that remains today...and all he cared about was whether or not Blankie could go to the emergency room with him. Or when he bravely told me on his first day of school as he got on the bus "Mommy, I'll come back. It's okay. I'm not going far away. Don't cry." Or when he was six and he told my sister he could not believe I named him after jewelry, and she said "What do you mean??" and he said "You know...Jordan Necklace". (His name is Jordan Nicholas) Or the day I got married, and my 12 year old son gave a toast that had the entire room alternating between laughing and crying. He was so grown up, so articulate, and he did it completely on the fly, and I cherish that memory more than you know. Or when my 15 year old held me in his arms as I laid on the floor crying my eyes out about my divorce, feeling as though I'd lost everything, and he rocked me back and forth and said "Mom, you will be okay, I promise. We will get through this together. You've always been here for me, let me be here for you now".

That kid is the love of my life. I don't know what I did to get so lucky, but I am thankful every single day for him. I don't have to look far to see the biggest blessing I have.

I'm getting him a tattoo for his 18th birthday on December 27th. He wants one, he knows what he wants, and truth is he could go get it himself at that point. It will be tasteful, and is going on the inside of his bicep. His choice, my funding. He never lets me do anything on his birthday...never wants a cake or a party, it's never been a big deal to him, so I usually just get him whatever gift he wants.

This year, when I asked what "we" were going to do to celebrate his birthday, he said "Well, my dad and my brothers are taking me to a strip club, so I've already got plans ". Oh, great.

And why am I not invited? Come on, nobody knows strippers like I do!!!!!!!!!!!

And he says "Mother, NO. That's just wrong."

Sigh. So much for being the coolest mom ever. That's okay, I'm probably not cool enough to watch silicone being rubbed in my baby's face....

I'm swamped today

I have this whole post composed and ready to type in my head, and don't you know I am OVERWHELMED at work today? So, I will get back here later to post it, but I will give you a hint.

It has to do with this:

I was almost 33, Jordan was a month away from turning 3.

Time goes by way too fast.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bachelor #5

Wow, so I just got winked at by somebody who's profile is titled:

Looking for a snaggle-toothed hairlip with tunnel vision. (Set your expectations low and you won't be disappointed!)


And his profile says:

Hello there. I am looking to start dating after being married for 25 years. Back in the old days (that's the way me parents used to talk!) there was none of this on-line dating stuff. You just went out and smacked a girl over the head with your club and dragged her back to your cave. See, it has been a long time since I dated.

I am looking to meet a nice lady to spend time with going to dinner, movies, outdoor activities (hiking, exercising, etc.), and traveling. the hell does one respond to that?

And there's no picture.


What is this??

Come on, take a guess.

Anyone? Bueller?

Internet Dating Stories

Yeah, I've been doing my research. And since I don't have time to actually write a post today, I'm going to let somebody else's date-from-hell be my guest blogger!!!!

So I am a big girl. I am 5 ft 3 and weigh about 180. I do have an hourglass figure so the fat is pretty even distributed. But according to the height weight chats, I am about 6 inches shorter than I should be. Oh well.

So I am searching the personals for guys who mark the “Body size” not important and avoid the “must be petite” ones. So I read this guys ad and he seems to have a good sense of humor. He also states he could stand to lose some weight. I email him and we start an email correspondence. After a few days, we start the phone conversations. He would make me cry, I would laugh so hard.

We agree to meet at a small local coffee place. He said he was driving a Blue BMW convertible. The ones that look like a roller skate got pregnant. Tiny car.

I get there first, order a iced mocha and sat at one of the outside tables as it was a nice day. I see a blue convertible pull up. The door opens and I see the seat lay back. As the guy hefted one leg out, he had to lay the seat back so he could maneuver his belly out from behind the steering wheel.

Ok, I am 40 to 50 lbs overweight, but I was honest about it. This man was 5 ft 9 and weighed in probably about 300 pounds. But ok, my idea of a bit and his idea of a bit may vary.

So I wave at him and over he comes. I felt bad that I had sat outside, because even though it was a mild day and there was an umbrella, he was soon sweating like a donkey. And the charm, wit and humor he had on the phone was… gone.

He mumbled, and fidgeted but kept looking at me like I was a glass of water and he was on the tail end of a long walk through the desert. So I did it. I am so ashamed of myself, but in retrospect, what else could I do. I was sure every other blind date had coldly dumped him. And I knew he was a nice guy, just not the guy for me.

I deliberately setout to gross him out. I started to laugh too loud at the unfunny things he said. And then, and I can barely type this… I actually put my hand in my armpit, pulled it out and sniffed it.

I then started telling him this story I had heard on the radio this morning about this guy that for the last 15 years or so, had been stealing his neighbors underwear. Turns out he did it just every so often so no-one really suspected anything. But one neighbor had bought a set of very expensive panties and was very upset to have lost them. She then thought about over the years, how she had lost panties and started to talk to her other neighbor friends. They had all too lost panties

So they set a trap. And forgetting the for details now, they caught the guy. Seems he liked to get them from the hamper and in his basement, he had over 300 pairs of soiled panties.

I was laughing and snorting and I think I even scratched myself a time or during the telling of this tale. The poor man got redder and redder. Sweatier and sweatier. He then suddenly blurted out that he just remembered he needed to be somewhere else and took off.

I then heard clapping from behind me. I slowly turned around. The two ladies sitting behind me were wiping tears from their faces from laughing so hard. They knew exactly what I had done. I bowed slightly, grinned and went home.

To this day, I am sure I am his dating horror story. But in his mind, he dumped me and that I can live with, for nice guys , however overweight they may be, deserve to do the dumping sometimes.

Yeah, I can't waaaaaaaaaaaaait to get back into the dating pool. LOL. Shoot me now.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drop the mouse and step away from the keyboard...

For the love of God, people, do NOT let me drink and type again.


After I had a bottle of wine a cocktail, I passed out took a nap on the couch, and I have a bitch of a headache feel better now. But after reading what I wrote when I was shitfaced mildly impaired, I've decided that I am grounding myself from the computer when alcohol is involved.

Honestly, I am fine. I was having a bad day, and I've snapped out of it. Hello early menopause PMS.

Bottom line is, he's an asshole, and he never deserved me. Fuck him.

Hell, some idiot even cheated on Halle Berry, so like people have tried to tell me for years, his wandering dick had nothing to do with me.

Speaking of which, I heard what might be my favorite new line....

"If I looked like Halle Berry, I wouldn't need a man. All I'd need is a glass of wine, a candle, and a full length mirror."

Makes me laugh just typing it.

I'm off to watch Sarah Palin Tina Fey on SNL. Rumor has it the real pitbull with lipstick is going to be on as well...

Thanks for indulging me tonight. I'll be funny again tomorrow, I promise.

Wait...I *am* funny, right?

Still nothing from #3, but #4 is on the perimeter. And I'm running!

Sigh. It's been 3 days. And he's read the email and been online in the last 24 hours. Clearly he's not interested.


What was I thinking that some normal, attractive, seemingly nice guy would be attracted to me?

I was, however, hit on by a 32 year old who, in listing the qualities of his prospective date, has no preferences about her whatsoever...other than the fact that he's interested in women 18-60. Wow, I feel really special now.

Then, there is the other guy, let's call him Bachelor #4...

His screen name is "eyesofhazol". Hazol? Does he has greenish colored eyes? Or are they hazed over from rampant drug use? Did he mean Haldol? I dunno.

Here's his profile:

Hi,I am a 53 year old black divorced,single male. I am not currently involved with anyone. I have 3 lovely aldult daughters and 2 grandchildren and I love them very much.I am employed full-time at a job I have been at for 15 yrs (its my second career ) and I really enjoy it. I have no problem meeting or dating anyone if their ethnicity is not the same as mine. I like to dance and have fun I just dance how I feel:) I am very affectionate(love to kiss ) and I welcome affection in return.Kiss me,hold me (smile) I enjoy life and am a people person (whatever that is )I enjoy interacting with people.I have a great sense of humor (wicked,and makes you want to think hmmmmm :) but harmless.Life is good and would be enhanced with good quality companionship.....I will explain if you are interested and will be glad to answer all your questions completely and honestly.I hope to hear from ya.bye

You know I have issues with spelling already. I should point out that I also have issues with PDA's via profiles and chats. At this juncture I do not need to know that you prefer to have your tongue slammed down my throat on our first date and you prefer to feel me up inpublic, or that you are world reknown for your Chablis fueled slow full body massages. Come on, guys. Give me the basics, and if I'm interested then at some point down the road we'll be intimate enough to cover the other stuff. This is

So he sends me a message that says:

Please share more about yourself......if interested you may call me at 614-599-****. Shelton,hope to hear from ya.bye Shelton

That was at 7:46 last night.

Then at 8:40 he sends another one:

Hi! am trying to pay attention to you! Shelton

Seriously? Well hell, Shelton. I am really sorry I wasn't sitting here on Friday night waiting for you to show me some love. Damn, what was I thinking?

What I'm thinking is that I shouldn't have X'd out his phone number, and let people from all over the world call Shelton for a good time.

Could I get sued for that?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nothing new to report....

I'm sad to say that I have nothing new to report. Bachelor #3 has not responded.


I hope he's just been really busy. I know I have been, which is why it's afternoon and I'm just now updating my blog.

As for the other two, Bachelor #1 (Chablis Boy) is out of town until Tuesday, so I don't have to worry about hearing from him anytime soon, and Bachelor #2 will undoubtedly give me a play by play of the Buckeye game tomorrow, and depending on whether we win or not, I may be the recipient of more cyber flora.

I'm swamped at work today, I'll try to add to this post in awhile but just wanted to update per Danica's request!!!!!

BY THE WAY...I have Bunco tonight so I won't get caught up on everyone's blogs until tomorrow morning! So if you don't get comments from me today, know that I am missing you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bachelor #3

This one has possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's hope third time is a charm!!!

Here's his profile:

I am generally a man of few words. I am looking to take things very slow and easy. I tend to be a traditional romantic and enjoy a self confident woman who is comfortable trying new things. My friends consider me a loyal and trustworthy gentleman. I am looking for someone who is just looking to enjoy life without any of the "games". I enjoy a wide variety of interests ranging from a Saturday afternoon shopping trip to spending the day on the golf course. I believe life is too short to let myself become trapped in a tedious and mundane existence and love to try new things. I am the proud father of two beautiful children and spend a large amount of time being actively involved in their lives. When they grow up, I want to make sure they remember me for always being there as a coach, father and best friend. Some of my hobbies include golfing, tennis, reading, watching the Buckeyes and cooking and would love to find a partner to share these with. I am most interesed in finding a woman who is happy with herself and believes that a good relationship should come naturally and not always have to be a struggle.

Other noteworthy tidbits about him per his profile:

For fun:
I spend alot of time attending my children's sporting events (basketball,football or lacrosse). I enjoy the opportunity to watch them grow. In my spare time I love to cook, golf, shop and follow my favorite football and basketball teams (GO BUCKS).

Favorite hot spots:
Hands down my favorite vacation spot is Cancun, but I live for a quick weekend trip to Vegas once in a while. Locally, nobody beats Hyde Park as a great place to relax and enjoy company. I always enjoy finding new and different places to hang out.
favorite things:

My favorite things include reading, golfing and dining out or cooking at home. My favorites are; color = orange, TV channel = Food TV, author = Clive Cussler, James Patterson and Nelson DeMille. I enjoy all different types of music.
last read:

There is no finer joy in life than a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee and spending a few hours mulling over the Sunday Dispatch. As far as novels I love fiction/adventure stories.

SO, my email to him was light and short, and just said how refreshing it was to see someone's profile with every word spelled correctly! And he wrote back:

Glad you noticed the correct spelling! It is a pet peeve of mine!!! I can't believe the poor grammar and what about proof reading???

About me... I am well over your minimum height criteria (6'4"), that is my real picture (not my best look), I love sports and coach several (B-Ball, Lacrosse), I work in a small community hospital as a department manager, I love all college football and B-Ball (but I like OSU the best). I have been divorced for 2 years and also well past that part of my life. I have two children (boy 11 & girl 10) who keep me very busy.

The downside, i can be a little sarcastic at times, but I only use these powers for good (humor).

So I wrote back last night and said:

Oh, I'm obsessive about proofreading! I guess it comes from growing up with my late sister who was a teacher. She was always correcting me and now I feel compelled to do the same! I actually went as far the other day to email a guy here, who I didn't have any interest in, mind you, but because his profile said he was looking for his "sole mate", I felt compelled to tell him he might want to change it to "soul mate", otherwise he may only attract women with foot fetishes! I felt bad for him, that other women might feel the same as I do about spelling....

I still can't believe I did that. Of course, I'm the kind of girl who would pick a hair off a man's suit in front of me in the elevator. Consider yourself warned. :) I do tell myself that maybe a guy just isn't a good typist, and it's not that he can't spell. But it's an issue for me, I'm not going to lie.

Rest assured I am not that high maintenance about everything!

I can't say that I watch much football other than the Buckeyes, but my Saturdays are reserved through the fall for them. I'm not really wild about how we are playing right now, and I hope to see everybody gel together here soon. What's your opinion on how Pryor is doing? I think he and Beanie have the makings of a serious one-two punch if we can keep one healthy and convince the other to let go of the ball and stop trying to be the running back...

Tell me about cooking. What's your favorite thing to make?

And he hasn't written back yet. And I really want him to! He's really cute, he's tall (a requirement for me!), he's my age, he seems normal. And he likes weekends in Vegas, which we all know I enjoy, and would love it even more if I were going there with someone other than my ex! And he loves Cancun...hello! I'm a beach girl! Now, there is the young children issue, but for the right man, I can go back to being a hands on parent and raising more kids. Let's not forget my shining example of dear friend Elizabeth, who decided she was going to stop dating and take time to herself now that her daughter had graduated and was going off on her own...and about five minutes later she met a widowed man with 3 teenage girls (a 15 year old and two 12 year old twins!) and she has been happily married to him for a month now! I told her at the time, if I met a man like her husband, I wouldn't care if he had a freaking orphanage full of kids.

My words may come back to haunt me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bachelor #2

It just keeps getting better and better.

I wink at him the other day because he's kind of cute in a "Sopranos meets Tom Hanks" way.

He responds:

Hi back Julie... (and,Hi front Julie too)...*tell me you didn't see that one coming*

I like your profile, you are quick witted, which will make us understand one another quite well, if not fighting for the same quick one-liner... I like your sense of humor, just the fact that you acknowledge you have one is right up my alley...

I was divorced in August of 2007, it has been a rough one, kids involved and an ex that has done a darn good job alienating them from me, including moving them across the country to Washington state, which ironically, the court didn't have much to say about... why is that? Oh well, to say she is meddlesome is not accurate... she doesn't bother speaking for herself... she's poisoned my kids to do that for her, especially our eldest who is 16. I don't want you to run away fearing a drama, because I've done quite well keeping it from that. We don't speak at all, but, I will not stop working towards reconciliation with my are a mother, I think you probably understand the premise there.

At any rate, I love your smile, your eyes are very nice and your red hair is VERY, VERY NICE... and, I love, love, love your proximity... I mean, you have a pretty nice package too.. uhm, your baggage is appealing...uhm, what you bring to the table is very attractive. The kicker... no pun intended, is the football Saturday thing... NOW we're talking icing on the cake... where have you been all my life Julie? pop the cork... Next week is going to be a doozy in East Lansing!

Let's talk... and thank you for introducing yourself... you certainly are a welcome sight for sore eyes. *smile*

So, while it's a little heavy handed with the compliments and innuendos, not to mention he possesses the ex-wife from hell evidently (red flag!!!), I decide to cut the dude some slack and so I respond, throwing out a little bit of football knowledge in the process:

Thanks for responding!

Yeah, I find humor in most things. It's the only way to get through life!

Sounds like your divorce was a rough one. Mine was no picnic either. I've been divorced for three years and took the time to get my head on straight before I decided to dive back into the dating pool. So here I am...

As for OSU...let me just say I think Pryor needs to stop trying to be a running back and stick with what he does best. It's nice that he can scramble when needed but yesterday was a sore reminder that he really is just a freshman and has a long way to go. I just wish our defense would show up more often. Every Saturday I imagine Laurenaitis is thinking to himself "I gave up millions to stay here for this???"

(For those readers not from Ohio, we're talking about the Ohio State Buckeyes, and Pryor is their freshman quarterback and Laurenaitis is a fabulous defensive guy who should have left last year for the NFL but stayed one more season to try and win another National Championship. Which probably isn't possible at this point!)

So this is his response to mine:

I agree... but, we have two things going on. Pryor is definitely a mobile QB... but, Ohio State has had to flip back from Todd as QB, pass first... run only if you have to... to PRYOR who we knew was equally as effective as a runner and a passer. He had the same amount of yards running as he did passing in High School.

So, the dilemma... we have a strong receiving corp, and, the best RB in the country. I think Pryor needs to learn how to use all of the dimensions of the game mixing long ball, Gonzo shorties across the middle and option sweep keepers with option sweep lateral to Wells and Wells right up the gut... If we can use them all and he learns the value of that option, we will look more like USC than Troy.

The Defense is a mystery. FREEMAN is playing above himself lately after not showing even a whimper early and JL and everyone else came back because they wanted that national championship chance... the way the top 10 have been toppling, we might still have a shot, but, the D has to start shutting down the opponents and in so doing keeping the O on the field to develop our young QB.

It will come... Michigan State is not Patsy... especially not in E. LANSING... and PENN STATE is for REAL!!!

How are you today?

Um, hello. I'm not a freaking sports analyst for ESPN. Reading this made my head hurt! I didn't respond. I couldn't find my playbook, so I decided to run the option. In this case, the option was not responding!

So today, he sends me cyber roses. Let me say that again. Cyber roses. Red, of course. Dude, show some originality at least. Does that crap actually impress women? Wow, he cares enough to press a button and send a girl fake flowers that I can enjoy on my monitor!! Woohoo! Hopefully next he'll buy me a cyber drink and maybe I can lick the margarita salt off the screen!!!!!

Oh, and the note with the cyber roses said:

I still can't wipe off the goo-goo grin that claims my face, every time I see your picture. You are simply irresistable. Have a wonderful day!


Bachelor #1

OK, so I started talking to a guy who I met online. At first, he seemed interesting, at least his profile did. We've been exchanging emails all week, and frankly he's gotten increasingly boring as the days go by!!!!!

I'm sure he's a nice guy, but here's the deal. I do not want a man who, in any way, shape or form, reminds me of my ex. Been there, done that, have the scars to prove it. The ONLY thing a new man and the old one should have in common is a penis, and even that better be one that is only shared with me!

So what I noticed about Bachelor #1 is that he asks NO questions. Our email exchange has been like a freaking 60 Minutes interview. I ask the questions, he responds. Dead air. I ask another question, he responds. Dead air. Honest to God it's like communicating with my freaking ex! He used to frustrate me to no end with the one word responses and lack of ability to carry on even a casual conversation. (Me: "How's your day going?" Him: "Fine". Dead air. Really, is "Fine. How's yours?" all that fucking difficult??????)

Sorry, off on the Ex tangent. I swear, it's like I have Tourette's when it comes to him. His memory is like a bad twitch that just won't go away.


So, some other tidbits about Bachelor #1...he's 48 and has never been married (red flag!), has no children (red flag!), lives with his equally single brother (red flag!), has been pretty vague about what exactly he does for a living other than:

My job is, in a nutshell, being a jack-of-all-trades around here. I help manage people for a chunk of the day ( I have to be bad cop beause my boss is not capable of being anything but good cop ;}, dig in and get dirty when help is lacking, cover for my boss when he is gone, help insure web based orders, which we are into in a huge way these days, are being processed, be the contact for all building maintnance trades... Etc etc etc. It's a living, but I do enjoy it. Would not have been here almost 10 years otherwise....

What exactly does this make him? Warehouse Manager? He drives a Hyundai, I'm thinking he's not really far up the company ladder!

I know it sounds shallow of me, but I am 47 years old. I'm way past the point of dating someone who makes $30,000 a year. I'm sorry, but I make a good living, and I have no intentions of being the breadwinner. At this age, a guy should be well established in his career, you know what I mean?

OK so this point I'm definitely starting to lose interest in him. Then during a conversation yesterday about liking the beach etc, I comment that my most relaxing place is sitting on the deck, just looking at and listening to the ocean, margarita in hand...and he writes back "Ditto... Except my beverage of choice would an endless, ice cold Diet Pepsi".

Uh oh.

So I inquire about his drinking habits and he says:

Long story short my father struggled with alcoholism most of his life. It can have a genetic component, so I left my more strenuous drinking days behind back in the 80's. I will have an occasional beer or rum & coke , but otherwise it is a demon I prefer not to tempt with any regularity ;}

Ah, I see.

Keep in my, my ex said virtually this exact same thing when I met him. He didn't drink because both his parents were alcoholics, and while he drank like a freaking fish up until he went into the Marine Corps, after that he only does so occasionally.

Now, I'm really losing interest. This dude, with his lack of personality, inability to understand that casual conversation requires him to do more than just answer questions (Good God, what is so freaking difficult about it???), and now this sobering reminding me far too much of dickhead my ex, and I'm ready to run for the hills. He has no idea what a turn off that really is. Pal, here's a little clue, when talking to you the only thing I want to think about is how polar opposite you are from my ex. I don't want to find common ground with the two of you at all.

So, he gets a little freaked by my "I see" response and writes back that it sounded cryptic and he hopes his not drinking isn't a problem (OMG! He actually asked me a question!!!) and I said:

As long as it's not a problem that I enjoy a cocktail or two. I certainly don't drink daily but when I go out to dinner, I like to have a glass of wine, or I like to go out with my friends on occasion and have a few drinks.

And so he says:

Just so we are on the same page here, the choice not to imbibe is my choice alone, based on the circumstances in my life. I have no problem at all being with folks who enjoy it, and i am regularly, my only obvious proviso is that they are responsible about the amount, or have someone to drive them home if they do go one or two over.....

Christ, again with repeating the ex's words. Words I might add that came back to haunt me when I wanted to go out with my friends, or have a few drinks at home. Ugh.

So, I just responded last night with "Sounds good" and left it at that.

And this morning, I get an email from him that says:

Cool. In the interests of full disclosure I should also say that I usually supply and share a nice bottle of chablis when I am giving a long slow full body massage :}

I threw up a little in my mouth.

And I'm thinking to myself, how nice that you are willing to invest in cheap wine as a way to lower your dates inhibitions and allow you to feel them up.

I've never even had chablis, do people still drink that cheap shit out of jugs? Honestly, when have you been somewhere in the past, I don't know, 30 years and heard someone say "I think I'll have a glass of your best Chablis please". OMG.

And my next thought was...clearly, your long slow full body massages must suck if you're still single at age 48.

Bachelor #1 is history.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008